Google, Web Giants

Web Giants vs Governments

The example of Yahoo backing down to the French government highlights one way that governments can overpower Web giants and that is by threatening the companies finances. In the case of Yahoo this proved to be the company’s one major interest and is backed up by their move to work for the Chinese government filtering information to stop the people of China having access to the full information resource of the Web.

In the case of Google however, we are looking at the single most powerful identity across the Web and their tussle with the US government over protecting what they deem to be sensitive information for Google’s eyes only.

This proves to be an interesting one as we are surely looking at the most powerful government who have ‘root authority’, control over the Internet’s naming and numbering system, against possibly the most powerful and influential company on the planet as highlighted earlier. Although coercive rule by the US government as highlighted in the first chapter of this dissertation would always come out on top, it cannot in this particular case bully Google into giving them the information they want, as Google has done nothing wrong and broken no laws.


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