Google, Web Giants

Web Giants vs Governments

This example demonstrates how France were able to influence Yahoo’s decision by threatening to remove Yahoo’s subsidiary and ultimately a sizeable income that the company weren’t prepared to lose. This however poses the question, what happens when governments have no financial bearing on a company yet still oppose its actions in some way. The answer to that would be that even when a company like Yahoo has no presence where another government rules such as the island of Fiji, the government still has options to block the use of the Internet or use suitable Internet Service Provider’s that filter and block forbidden materials.

A more recent case involved the US government and Google. The ‘Bush’ administration put in for a request order that would see a federal judge force Google to disclose and reveal a mass amount of information regarding Web surfing habits.

What was demanded from Google was information regarding all searches made on Google within any one week including one million randomly selected URLs. Google was soon to refuse to disclose and reveal any of the data regarding its users web surfing habits and has set out to fight the government in order to keep this information withheld.


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