Google, Web Giants

Google’s Dominance

With the rate at which the Internet is changing and evolving it is hard not to look to the future and consider Google’s position in it and whether it will be as dominant or even more so. It is quite conceivable when looking into the future that Google will have the means to control all online market segments, possessing the capability to facilitate the use of many different forms of digital broadcast as an immersive platform. This would surely point to an Internet that would be comprised of an interactive network of millions if not billions of TV channels.

Other possible routes Google to take is to offer free wireless Internet to people worldwide who use one of Google’s own devices such as a Google box that could be accessed anywhere in the world. Whichever avenue is taken it would most certainly provide Google with a new platform of powerful domination over our lives.

To try an predict the control and influence Google will be capable of in the near future could be compared with measuring a piece of string, however what we can calculate is the Internet’s current influence on our lives and its growing involvement by the day.

Therefore one prediction we can make is that if Google carries on dominating cyberspace as it continues to grow, evolve and immerse us, it can only become a much greater contributor to our daily lives. What could be summarised from this is that if we consider ourselves currently in today’s ‘Digital Age’ then it is possible that the future Internet and supporting technology could provide us with a ‘Google Age’.


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