Google, Web Giants

Google’s Dominance

Although Facebook’s success at becoming one of the most influential social platforms to exist online is unquestionable at a time when social technologies influence throughout the Internet is growing at a considerable rate. It cannot however compete with the behemoth of all Web giants, the one dominant force in the realms of cyberspace, which rests solely with Google.

Although Yahoo and MSN are still considered Internet heavyweights when it comes to search engine traffic they cannot compete with Google who not only have redefined what it is to be a successful ‘middleman’ but have a virtual monopoly in their grasp. A key breakthrough came in 2004 when Google became more valuable than IBM with a dramatic share price increase of upto almost $500.

Google’s impact on society and culture has been overwhelming, with it first being recognised as a search engine in 1998 it has soon become what many would class as the ultimate marketing tool, with an unlimited amount of potential and opportunity, placing it in a league of its own. With Google being able to supply the right information at the right time it not just fulfils what is required to be a powerful marketing tool but does so better than any other entity on the planet.

With Google holding the monopoly of search engine traffic with a huge monthly search rate of 7.3 billion, webmasters have only one interest in pushing for online wealth and that involves Google and its keyword search rank system. The companies and businesses that are able to rank the highest in their chosen niche of keywords will have the best opportunity to do business with other companies, therefore making Google an extremely potent tool for providing business opportunity to even the smallest businesses.

However, one underlying fact that can’t be overlooked is that Google still has control over everything and holds all the cards through its use of the programs ‘Adwords’ and ‘Adsense’.


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