Web 2.0 Potentials

Social Platforms & The Internet Mobile Phone

How Facebook might achieve this is by becoming a primary interface to the World Wide Web, whereby users log in to a single profile on the social network that encompasses the users personal Web and the mobile Web. This possible progression of the Web 2.0 concept by Facebook is a concern to many of those who currently have a dominating Web presence including Google.

Facebook messages are slowly replacing email and if Facebook were able to replace a users entire web experience then Microsoft could become a big threat to Google through Facebook advertising. Therefore, Microsoft’s investment in Facebook of around £117m ($240m) in exchange for a 1.6% share, valuing a business that has only been around for approximately four years at £7.3bn ($15bn) could be a very strong move.

This could seem to many as a risky investment, however Microsoft have realised the huge potential Facebook has with it going viral in the last year accounting for more than fifty million users across the Web. With sixty percent of these users located outside of the United States there is access to a worldwide audience almost immediately and with ‘social advertising’ becoming a fast-growing market, Microsoft’s investment allows them to become a serious contender in this market.

Other features of Facebook that have captured the imagination and interest of millions is the ability to create your own Facebook applications. With every major firm from the BBC to Google either having launched or currently working on prototypes, with many other talented designers and developers looking to bring to the forefront their own applications that can be accessed by millions.

With many internal features such as, ‘status updates’, playful applications, a messaging service more appealing than email and with Facebook being recognised as the face of blogging, it is very clear why this social networking site has become the phenomenon it has. Microsoft obviously views Facebook as the future of the social Web with them having embraced Web 2.0 with great success. One important factor that can’t be overlooked is that Microsoft were not the only party interested in a stake in Facebook


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