Web 2.0 Potentials

Social Platforms & The Internet Phone

As the Internet continues to evolve into a social Web, the full impact of Web 2.0 technology is still yet to be felt as more and more social platforms are emerging. Social networks are continuously being woven into the very fabric of the World Wide Web, from both consumer to corporate Web sites, allowing for exciting and innovative new platforms and technologies to emerge. Technologies such as, ‘Umbrella Social Networks’ that encompass social networks, the personal Web and the mobile Web, all of which are starting to gather momentum.

The ‘Social Web’ is evolving at a high rate, not just with social networking but with technology that is emerging, allowing users to build online identities that span more than one application and have meaning in other contexts. Therefore allowing relationships that are established in one place being able to exist and become durable in other forms across the Web.

With information content shifting from desktop to that of mobile and GPS, it is more noticeable than ever the convergence of the Web with mobile ecosystems. As the Web continues to evolve and embrace the mobile platform, mobile devices and browsers are becoming more Web-friendly. The iPhone, one of Apple’s products that acts as a multimedia, Internet-enabled mobile phone is a clear-cut example of this convergence of both platforms. The iPhone browser, although capable of supporting the Ajax platform, is at its best with content specifically designed for use on the iPhone, such as the iPhone Facebook application.


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