Web 2.0 Potentials

The Potentials of Web 2.0

The concept of Web ‘2.0’ has no actual defining boundaries as such, as O’Reilly highlights, it has ‘a gravitational core’ (O’Reilly 2005) and therefore its development has been somewhat divided, allowing for a wide range of applications across the Web to meet different criteria of the Web 2.0 concept.

This has contributed hugely to the development of the Web as all of these online applications share a common Web presence in that they all have the capability to reach a mass audience of Internet users. This therefore suggests that Web giants such as Google and Facebook, who are looking to capitalise upon this social platform of restoration of the Web, as a tool for personal independence, can do so by developing systems that share this common goal. This ultimately will lead to powerful alliances being made with Internet users worldwide.

These alliances are made stronger by user-participation, whereby the submissions of photos to Facebook for example, or videos that are uploaded to Youtube effectively add more and more to the businesses worth. This therefore means that we may be entering a new era, an era in which we realise the full potentials of Web 2.0, where data (such as photos and videos) acts as a value equivalent, where value is in a nutshell, power.

This power, driven by the vast quantities of user content submission, has influenced the heavyweights of the Web, powerful services such as Google, Yahoo, Youtube and Facebook to take primary control throughout, leading to a complex web of corporate domination being woven across the World Wide Web.


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