Web 2.0 Potentials

The Potentials of Web 2.0

Facebook is without a doubt the latest Web 2.0 phenomenon to hit the Web and its rising social empowerment. Similar to MySpace, these online social networks allow for manifestation of virtual networks to occur on a greater scale then ever before, with the size of these virtual communities only being limited by the size of the Web itself.

What these networks allow for so effectively is a user presence within a virtual community, substantiated by a user-generated profile in the form of a Webpage. Once these profiles are generated by the user they then become networked by means of a mutual ‘friendship’ system, which allows for a social community to form in cyberspace around the foundations of a virtual social network, stored within the Website.

In the case of Facebook, all it is a single entity that contains a virtual network of users, forming social communities that exists within the physical architecture of the Internet. These networks have grown at a rapid pace by successfully incorporating other Web 2.0 features such as blogging and photo sharing as mentioned earlier, as well internal messaging systems.

These features not only allow for profiles to become more enhanced but make communication across these networks far more engaging and appealing as the amount of information increases. The information and influence Facebook has at its fingertips is incredible


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