Web 2.0 Potentials

The Potentials of Web 2.0

What Web 2.0 has allowed for in maximising the Internet as a platform for social opportunity, is most significantly demonstrated by the amount of evolutionary developments that have taken place. Most notably is the ‘architecture of participation’, which has contributed highly to the huge rise in sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Blogger, Wikipedia and MySpace.

What Web 2.0 is doing through this system of user contribution and development, is allowing for Internet users to not just have an easy to use and developed Web space, but a powerful Web presence. The strongest example of this is in ‘blogging’, whereby Internet users worldwide are no longer simply publishing material but are generating their own media to be consumed by the masses.

Through bloggings ‘architecture of participation’, the Webs information content is being somewhat decentralised, as a greater amount of Web users create their own contextual media, generating a form of user empowerment. This is a clear example of how the concept of Web 2.0 is adapting the Web for use as a platform.

Although blogging is proving to be an influential platform for social opportunity it is not the only way that the World Wide Web is looking to ‘harness collective intelligence’. Flickr, a photo sharing site that is designed through XML and the idea of a Semantic Web, allows users to share their photos online, as well as being able to label these photos with data to personalise them. A system that has effectively been used in the online social networking websites of Facebook and MySpace. Another notable Web 2.0 social platform is Youtube, which has successfully pioneered the uses of Flash and its video codec feature.


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